zero hour.

December 13, 2007, 8:06 pm
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the work came down today, after staying up for longer than we all expected. although this site wasn’t updated often, it didn’t need to be. it’s served it’s purpose.



November 8, 2007, 6:05 pm
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October 30, 2007, 4:14 pm
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Adam Cook:

The idea of ‘Zero Hour’ describes the point of no return. It is a countdown towards the end of society as we know it. In this case I focused on the issue surrounding capital punishment and the way that its uses affect our communities. I believe that the future of our civilisation can be directly attributed to the outcome of this international debate.

I find photography an ideal way to express my views and opinions. Its visual nature allows me to show others what i see and think of many of societies issues.

For the exhibition I want my work to dispay these same principals, concentrating my images around personal ideologies that are directly influenced by what goes on around me.

Thomas Davis:

With my work I show negative – abandoned or otherwise – spaces in a different way. This difference is achieved without straying from photography at all; instead, postproduction makes for a very big part of the final image.

Straying from the presentation of single images towards montage, my work shows the space in which minor details can be found. Instead of specifying which parts of an area I want the viewer to see, I show them the area as a whole. Perspective and scale, whilst in tune with itself, isn’t perfected. This is wholly intentional, as it allows the image in its entirity to develop in a far more interesting and graceful way.

David Imms:

I create work primarily to document places and situations. Sometimes to record where I am and what is around me, perhaps the way I feel, peoples faces or it may be something I have created that I would like to preserve. I am fuelled mostly by my own fears of human kind, whether it is our behaivours or the inevitable.

‘Zero Hour’ is the counting down of the clock. Social paranoia rises and anarchy has broken loose. The work demonstates this situation and displays human kind in their own behaviours, selfishness and attitudes that destroy our society, whether it be smashing a window or going to war.

Chris Templeman:

My intent is to produce work that is an exaggerated interpretation of the paranoia associated with modern society, reflecting both personal opinions and also speculating towards others. I want to create a cinematic aesthetic to realise my ideas in this area. I believe it to be suitable means to emphasize the heightened sense of tension associated with extreme situations and/or fear of them. The viewer being encouraged to draw their own conclusions as to the meaning of minor details and how they shape the image as a whole, allowing them to relate to the work on their own terms.

Nathan Van Emden:

The title of ‘Zero Hour’ clarifies that time is running out and there is no way that it can be stopped. I want my work to imply the consequences of the unknown disaster and the effect it could have on the individual.

I see my work in a way that reveals things about me and the way my mind works. It shows various parts of my life and the explorations that occur in it. The way that I investigate these spaces of forgotten time and capture their neglect reveals my state of mind whilst experiencing them.

it’s happening.
October 30, 2007, 3:56 pm
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Zero Hour by Adam Cook, Thomas Davis, David Imms, Christopher Templeman and Nathan Van Emden.

The clock is ticking, the Zero Hour approaches. It is the decline of social morality, the air raid siren of abandonment, the destruction of what we know. The photographers have produced work in retaliation to a constructed paranoia placed under their society.

In November 2007 a group exhibition by emerging photographers will take place at the Zandra Rhodes Gallery, University College for the Creative Arts, Rochester. The five artists use the medium of photography to represent their beliefs and views in a visual form, using pictures to describe what words sometimes fail to achieve. Each member is individual in their approach and use of the camera, allowing each piece created to reflect that person’s ideologies.

It is not just the photographs that describe the person’s beliefs; it is the way they are exhibited. Installations and print sizes all playing a hand in the manipulation of the audience by the creator. All of these factors are employed by the photographers to construct an exhibition that will enforce and display their personal beliefs.

October 23, 2007, 11:11 pm
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it’ll happen.